Psychiatry ResidentEmail: 

Erin Hendrix, MD

I am a current first year Psychiatry resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, coming from the Wayne State University School of Medicine Class of 2022.

I was raised in Virginia but have lived all over the country including Rhode Island and Colorado before coming to Michigan for medical school and residency.  

My specific interests include women’s mental health/reproductive psychiatry/perinatal psychiatry, child psychiatry, and trauma—especially in vulnerable communities. I find the interplay of the external environment (such as trauma) and internal physiologic/genetic influences (such as hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause) particularly fascinating.  

Working as a volunteer researcher within the wonderfully supportive individuals at the STARC lab has allowed me to participate in the Stress, Risk and Resilience of the Syrian and Iraqi Survivors of Torture project with focus on youth resettled as refugees of Syria and trauma-related psychopathology and physiology.