Dr. Jovanovic is the new endowed chair for PTSD research at Wayne State, and we are collaborating with her and her team on our projects investigating risk and resilience to trauma in the refugee community.

Dr. Burghardt's team partners with us for the analysis of hair, nail, blood, and saliva samples to investigate patterns of stress cortisol and inflammatory cytokines related to symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Feen-Calligan ignited a collaboration with our team when she saw one of our reports on our refugees study and wanted to provide art therapy as a form of healing. She helps to lead our Intervention Study, and works with a team of art therapists and art therapy students to provide this intervention to refugee children.

Dr. Khalil has recently commenced a partnership with our team, investigating the impact of war and migratory stress of mothers and their infant children.

Jenna Spinei is a dance therapist who brings dance/movement therapy to refugee children as part of our Intervention Study.

CrossComm is an innovative app development studio specializing in the strategy and development of mobile, web, AR/VR, and blockchain app ecosystems. We help Fortune 500 companies, startups, research institutions and many others navigate the constantly-evolving landscape of technology and meet their software and business goals.

Part of the PTSD working group investigating genetic factors attributing to risk and resilience