The CNN News Team traveled to Detroit to talk to trauma experts, primarily Dr. Arash Javanbakht, with the goal to understand the fear and anxiety of Iraqi and Syrian refugees following President Trump's travel ban.


After what is often years of waiting and paperwork, some refugees from desperate situations around the world are fortunate enough to be accepted into the U.S. But then what? If you’ve been in a war-torn area or are a victim of torture, you’re glad to be safe.

The recent publication of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury focused our attention on President Trump's fitness to hold office.

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A study launched by Wayne State University School of Medicine researchers six months ago to determine the mental health impact and biological correlation of civil war trauma on Syrian refugees now living in the United States shows that 30 percent of adult refugees experience post-traumatic stress disorder and 50 percent experience depression.

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Doctors need to speak up against the use of mental illness as an insult

Over recent months ongoing shakeups in the White House staff have generated a lot of attention from the news media.

The BMJ Opinion (featured in Huffington Post, and

Decades of ongoing war and unrest in Iraq, and several years of war in Syria, have exposed millions of people in these 2 countries to chronic and cumulative stress and trauma.

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