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Liza Hinchey

Liza Hinchey is a Graduate Research Fellow and fifth-year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at Wayne State University.

Her current research focuses on understanding the relationships between trauma, psychosocial processes (e.g., stress and social interactions), and neuroendocrine function (e.g., HPA axis related processes), as well as investigating psychosocial rehabilitation models for promoting recovery in persons with serious mental illness (SMI). Throughout this work, she has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Psychiatric Association (WPA) to design a comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation training curriculum that has been implemented at multiple institutions, including Columbia University and Michigan State University, as well as in continuing education workshops hosted by the president of WPA, Dr. Afzal Javed. 

Liza also works as a psychotherapist at her private practice in Shelby Township. Outside of work, Liza is passionate about yoga, travel, coffee, and spending time with her four younger siblings.

Get in touch with Liza through her Twitter: @LizaHinchey