Research AssistantEmail:

Bassem Saad

I was born, raised and studied medicine in Egypt where I worked as a Neuropsychiatry resident in one of the biggest mental health institutions in the Middle East region and Africa. I recently volunteered to be a part of the STARC team to follow my passion of learning more about research and how we can apply research and technology to impact our World by helping and developing new methods and techniques in treatment of our patients and humanity in general.

I am happy to be part of this growing wonderful team where I recieve all the support and love. I am looking forward to making a great influence in our community. The population of distress and people suffering from anxiety and fear symptoms are my main scope of practice, which happened to be the most important priority of STARC.

Aside from me being a physician, I am a strong advocate for our planet preservation and animal rights. iam also a dedicated reader of philosophy, modern Politics and an art lover.